Spring Outfit. Ruffle Blouse and Vintage Jeans

Hello! Happy Friday! 
Omgsh! It's been so long since my last post and so much has happened!
2020 was a crazy year for everyone. For me personally it was a very hard year because I lost someone really close to me,  my beautiful madrina (Godmother). She was like a second mother to me growing up in Mexico. It was also a year of self discovery for me. If you been following me on Instagram, you have seen that I got really into fitness. It all started actually right before 2020, around Christmas time. I had reached a level of uncomfortableness with myself. Specifically, manly with my belly fat. I mean seriously, I think my body gave it all it could after 3 babies, not much activity and a lazy diet. Our bodies are amazing ladies. So going into quarantine really gave me that push to start. 
I started doing mostly cardio, after a month I realized how much I started to enjoy weight training! 
    I can't say enough good things about weight training! It literally changed my life! 
 I'm happier, I feel stronger, sexier, more confident and the energy and motivation you get is crazy good! Of course combined with good nutrition and sleep. It is really all about having good habits, something I was terrible at. Going to bed early and waking up early everyday has also been an amazing change for me! Coming back to my blog is a pretty big deal. I want to be honest, a big reason why I stopped posting was because I felt like there was really not much for me to write about when the only thing I'm posting are selfies. Also I have never really enjoyed writing because I was pretty bad at it since English is my second language. I actually think I have became a better writer in English than Spanish. Back to why this is a big deal for me, I want to improve my writing skills, I know it will help me a lot to learn the language all together! 
So excuse me if  I come here sharing some deep personal information together with my outfit of the day. Believe it or not I do get a lot of  DMs from women telling me that I inspire them to work out, eat healthy or wear something new and different. I really enjoy what I do and it is a great feeling knowing that I inspire other women!
 I will be sharing not only outfits but more of my personal life, fitness and food. I'm very excited! 

I really hope that you guys find a new habit that make you happy and better in life. I highly recommend starting with exercise if you haven't already!

What's your favorite Outfit? 

 Shein Outfit 
Green Top Here
Jeans  Here 
Pink Bodysuit Here

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