Friday, April 20, 2018

Everyday Routines With Cybex New Sirona M Car Seat!

 Today's post is all about one of my everyday routines.
Getting the kids in and out of the car, making sure they are safe and comfortable for a drive.
I worked with Cybex for this post. To give you a little review + Personal experience of their New Sirona M with SensorSafe 2.0 Convertible car seat. 
Our errands my take from 2 to 4 hours. In some situations the kids will have to stay in the car for 2 hours. Kids can get a bit impatient and unbuckle themselves. The Sirona M Car Seat SensorSafe 2.0 integrates important safety technology into the chest clip of the car seat to alert when unsafe situations arise. Yes, every time there is a unsafe situation you will receive a alert from the car to your smartphone. How cool is that!
There is a small vehicle receiver that is installed in the vehicle OBD2 port and that is what connects to the smartph3one. The SensorSafe app is free.
(The App is not required to receive alerts so you can keep both hands on the wheel if your copilot has the day off).

Another thing I love about the Sirona M Car Seat is how comfortable it is! Can you tell Emilia loves it! The Sirona M Car Seat is good for 5lbs-65lbs. Emilia is only 6 months but I also have a 3 year old and some times he uses the Sirona M Car Seat as well. On School mornings it has also become so much easier and quicker for me. Knowing that I can get a alert if I didn't buckle Emilia right in a moment of rush to school, makes me feel so much more comfortable. 
Over all I am really enjoying the Sirona M with SensorSafe 2.0! How could you not to be honest. With the amazing technology and quality! I hope you find this post helpful and don't forget to check out the bottom of the post for some extra information on safety.
Thank you so much for Reading! Thank you to Cybex for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

Safety Requirements
Under no circumstances should a car seat be used on a passenger seat where there’s an airbag.
Correct fitting of the product is of paramount importance to make it the most effective in the event of an accident. Not all car seats fit all cars and it is important to check for fitting suitability on all cars you intend fitting the seat to, as well as re-checking if you change your car. Carefully review your vehicle owner's manual for additional information on car seat installation.
Always read the instruction booklet which comes with your car seat to achieve a safe and correct fitting, retaining the guide for future reference. We recommend fitting your car seat in advance of first using it.
Please put children in a rear-facing position for as long as possible, preferably until they are at least 2 years old or when they have outgrown the rear-facing height or weight limits of their car seat.
Only use in the forward-facing position for children who are at least 2 years old and at least 22 lbs.
Ensure your child is safely buckled into the car seat before driving. The harness should be snug enough that you cannot pinch the webbing between your two fingers when testing at the child's shoulders. The chest clip should be placed at armpit level. When rear-facing the harness straps should be at or below the child's shoulders. When forward-facing the harness straps should be at or above the child's shoulders.
We recommend that children are not left in the car seat for prolonged periods. 


  1. Your little girl is so cute!!


  2. So glad you are enjoying it! These pictures are super pretty.

  3. If she’s only six months it’s required for her to be rear view position. Minimum age is 2yrs old for a child to be front

  4. Look at her,
    such a very happy lucky little girl you have ♥


  5. Looks like a great car seat! Your baby is soooo cute!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  6. you only take photos w your daughter like i didnt even know you had more children, do they get upset how its like you only show your daughter?

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