Monday, July 7, 2014




  1. You look absolutely amazing!

    That skirt is gorgeous too :)

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!

    Laura x |

  2. You're so pretty :) Love that skirt!

  3. The daisy print on your shirt is so cute!


  4. Pretty:) xx

  5. Guapísima! Un look muy original!
    un besito

  6. Where is your hat from? It's gorg!

  7. You are really gorgeous!!!!!! I didn't do it but congratulations for your pregnancy, amazing new!!



  8. You look very lovely!
    Love your skirt.Pretty!


  9. Such a pretty look! Love how you styled this outfit, so BOHO :)


  10. love that fashion top and chic skirt
    pretty girl always do a good job in matching,love you
    Thank you for sharing this,have a nice time here
    Keep in touch
    your lovely Poppy:

  11. Really love that skirt from Romwe! Your entire outfit looks so super cute and ready for summer :)

    The Style Boro

  12. Love your look chica!

  13. may i rid your closet? or at the very least, please tell me what to wear on the daily

  14. I loved this look! Is fabulous!!!


    Big Kiss ;*

  15. Me encanta el bolso!

  16. Guapísima! El bolso es preciosísimo...

  17. You look beautyful I like every your post!

  18. Oh you are so beautiful :( :O <3
    I want be that pretty too :D
    <3 thank you for your comment on my blog
    From Slovakia

  19. Pretty. Pretty.

  20. Great photo and post!!

    My last outfit on

  21. Beautiful outfit. And how cute! You can see that your belly has grown. <3


  22. hi dear
    love your daisy top

  23. Un look precioso!!!
    Me encanta el sombrero.

  24. beautiful outfit and you too

  25. Love the outfit, the crop top is just so cute! H xx

  26. Olá Andrea.
    Amei seus look´s.
    Lindos mesmo!
    Você é belíssima também!

  27. Hi darling!
    AMAZING look! ♥
    Please check out my newest post on my blog!


  28. U look so stunning in these photos, the look's definitely gorgeous, vintage and chic. I love the long parted transparent skirt, it reminds me of Roberto Cvalli <3 <3

    Thank u for visiting my blog. I would be glad 2 follow and support ur blog cause ur's amazing and ur posts are very intersting. I hope for the same from u xx. have a great day!!

  29. You are simply gorgeous!
    This outfit is still perfect for summer even if it's black I love it!

  30. Hola bonita!! uuuuaaauuu me encanta este look que nos propones estás preciosa

  31. Love this one <3

    So my style <3

  32. Your sooo beauiful and the skirt is soo unique :) Love your outfit <3
    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow

  33. I love your style :-) and your hair looks amazing!

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